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Programmer, YouTuber, Mediocre Joke Maker

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The Projects

Retro Tennis

Wii Homebrew Pong Clones

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Smplr Chess

A decluttered chess app for Android.

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Easy to use media wrapper.

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File association manager for RetroArch on Windows.

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The Dolos Daily

An AI powered fake news website.

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Coming Soon

The next big thing is always coming.

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The "Me"

ZombieNW's avatar, also known as a Blob

Hi, it's me, ZombieNW!

I'm an amateur developer and YouTuber who likes Node.JS, Svelte, and Tailwind. I also have experience in other languages such as Java and GDScript. I'm always learning and working on something new. I also enjoy making YouTube videos about my creations and things I find interesting. Want to work together? Contact me!

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