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The What?

A Smplr way to play Chess.
A problem that's plagued me for too long is that Chess apps are way too complicated. This game has existed for almost thousands of years and it's still so damn complicated to play it on your phone? If you want an app that's just chess, here it is! You open the app and you're greeted right away by chess. No making an account, no ads, no tomfoolery, it's just chess. This doesn't mean it doesn't have features. Want to change the CPU difficulty? Want hints? Want to control the difficulty of the hints? Want to change theme? (Coming Soon.) There's an easy to use menu for it! This app will never not be chess.

The Screenshots

Simpler Chess Gameplay Simpler Chess Opening Gameplay Simpler Chess Splash Screen

The Download

SmplrChess v1.1

Works offline, easy to use, customizable, it's just that Smpl.

Download - Android APK

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