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The What?

Retro Tennis is a series of homebrew clones made for the Nintendo Wii. Learning how the Wii works and how to make apps for it was a project for me during the panedmic. If you want to try one out, Play Retro Tennis 3D!

NOTICE! Install the WADs at your own risk! I am not responsible for any bricks!

The Games

Retro Tennis 1

A very basic proof of concept. This was my first attempt at getting anything to boot on the Wii so I do not recommend playing this.

Retro Tennis 2

A suprisingly good pong clone? This was my redepmtion attempt at making Retro Tennis.

Retro Tennis 3D

A 3D pong game with uneccesary effort put into it. A surprisingly fun way to kill 10 minutes. Can you find the secret ending?

Retro Tennis Deluxe

A compilation of all the Retro Tennis Wii Games. Had a limited physical release. No download available currently. If anyone cares I'll put one up.

Retro Snake

A classy snake clone for the Wii with nice presentation.

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